0036 Mean Hogtie Makes my Eyes Water!

8:18 video

Hogtied on Desk in Denim, Drooling over Vetwrap & Rope Gag, Lifted and Left to Struggle on the Floor!

Any given moment in my day can turn into a bondage moment. I was simply going about my own business, working at my desk and doing my own thing when I heard him come in… I didn’t even get to see if he was smiling; he grabbed my from behind, one large hand covered my mouth to stifle any protestations, before gagging me well with vet wrap and rope cleaved between my teeth! I know better than to try to escape, still I tried to wriggle away from his vice like grip as the first of the ropes encircled my wrists, then my elbows, jamming them together behind my back. He lifted me up onto the desk top, I wondered if he got a flash upskirt of my stocking tops under the tight denim as he did… but not for long, as more rope tethered my ankles and distracted my thoughts; once he had me satisfyingly secured in a super strict hogtie I couldn’t do much more than wiggle my fingers, toes and ass, feeling the drool spilling over my gag! The humiliation I felt when he started filming it! Knowing how much I enjoy the scratchy cord sinking into my flesh he decided to carry me by the cords keeping me captive and place me on the floor, using his boot to push me on my side and really feel the jute dig in deep, catching my breath in my chest as it hugs my ribcage tightly, I grunt and groan in my attempts to roll back on to my front. I hope he lets me enjoy and endure a little longer…

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