0033 Self Bondage Gone Wrong at Mother's House!

11:48 video

Straightlaced, Sweater-clad Nerdy Girl in Glasses Sneaks Self Bondage at her Moms House! Sweater Bound, Sock Bound! Amateur Bondage Mistake!

Staying over for Mothers' Day, while the folks are settled downstairs in front of the TV, the urge to tie myself up overcame me! I sneaked a couple hanks of rope out of my handbag (always travel prepared!) and under my purple sweater, to sneak upstairs to my old bedroom. The mirror on the dressing table faces the single bed, so I can watch myself as I wrap rope around my ankles and calves, over my white wool, cable knit, knee-high socks. There’s plenty of peeks at cotton panties as my skirt rides up around my waist  ^_-
Dark blond hair tied up in a ponytail - a glasses wearing nerdy girl – I have to keep a look out for my parents and listen for any footsteps on the stairs, as I tie my wrists behind my back to complete this silent struggling, predicament! Not used to such a small space on the single bed, as I roll in my ropes I slip off the duvet cover and with a BANG onto the floor… Surely they’ll have heard me! Oh gosh... I listen out incase my Mom is on her way upstairs... Keeping ever so quiet I enjoy the feel of my bondage and enjoy a few toe wiggling, socked sole close-up views as I recover myself from the bondage-gone-wrong excitement!

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