0024 Damsel in Distress Strict Strappado Corda!

10:42 video

Naughty, Naked Slave Punished with Severe Strappado Predicament, Nipple Torment & Tight Wrap Gag!

Naked but for a constricting purple vet wrap gag and rope, my long blond hair in a ponytail, he carries me in to the warehouse and places me on my chair. You could call this my naughty step, just a little too far with my sass and here I am… He’ll teach me for giving him cheek! Now I have to balance the bones of my bare ass on the hard leather seat as, arms strappado, chest pressed to thighs, ankles cinched together, my slender frame scrunched into restrictive concertina. Toes pedicured in pale pink pedicure pointing as, pulling my hair and head back, he pinches my nipples hard, one after the other, leaving my tiny breasts throbbing. Off balance, feeling I could tip forward and off the chair at any moment, I grunt and groan through the tight gag, exhausting my core strength holding myself up, the arches of my feet aching with the weight of my body on just the balls of my feet... Thankfully he brings more rope! Or maybe I should not be thankful, I fear, as the rope is fastened to my wrists and a hoist above in corda punishment, now I can’t go anywhere! My shoulder joints scream at me as I attempt to struggle, elbows jammed together, every breath has to be considered as involuntarily I press my breasts against my knees. Hair tied next, lifting me a little from the pressure on my chest but now the muscles in my neck begin to burn alongside those in my shoulders, arms, legs, everywhere! The familiar buzz begins in my ears as the pain takes over; I’m sinking into my enjoyment of this endurance predicament … Pulled back by the pinch of my nipples again! Gripping my perky pair and pulling at the sensitive flesh. Of course I want more! Calling through my gag as he leaves, wide eyed and squealing as he returns with clothes pegs to torment me! Will I ever learn?  -_^

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