0021 Buttplug & British Restraint

19:43 video

Tickled & Ass Stuffed in Self Bondage Struggles with a Rainbow Furry Fox Tail! Bound Hopping! Bare Feet Tickling!

Staying in on for some self-love this evening I’ve pulled the curtains and made the lounge feel cosy so I can strip off and relax in full naturist freedom.  Being naked gets me feeling horny… gathering together hanks of red cotton rope and my soft, furry rainbow foxtail buttplug I settle on the couch for some ass stuffed, self bondage fun!

I love the feeling of a well stuffed mouth, so tonight I’ve chosen my largest red bandana to push between my lips and fill my cheeks to their utmost.  I hold the mouth stuffing gag in place with an entire roll of 2 inch black vetwrap; wrapping the stretchy fabric of my excessively tight gag over my hair and chin, so I can feel its gripping tightness at my neck too.  Next I begin tying a tight chest harness on my taught torso, pressing my tiny breasts between the binds above slender waist, and cinching my ankles and knees secure with rope around tattooed legs. Testing out the feeling of my bound body so far, I stretch on the sofa, pointing legs and toes as my bare feet flex their soles, which gives me an idea!  The soft faux fur of my butt plug is perfect for an impromptu tickle – I giggle just at the thought of being tickled so it’s easy to get myself laughing through the muffling wrapgag!  But that’s not all I can do with the ass stretching apparel … a little lube and bending over I play and tease myself as my tight hole resists the silicone sliding achingly inside, pressing hard and long I make sure I enjoy that filling pain as I push the plug slowly between smooth, peachy cheeks.  Now to tie my own wrists behind my back for the full feeling of helplessness and enjoy my evening bound, hopping, wriggling and squirming in self-bondage struggles with British restraint  -_^

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