0020 Steel Suspension Hogtie!

12:04 video

Petite Blond gets a Treat for Bare Boobs, Butt and Feet – A Caning, Weighted Nipple Clamps and Flying Hogtie Suspension – All On Screen!

I was enjoying my time in rope while he ignored me, focused on his work. My ankles tied tightly to my thighs in a frog tie, hands held in a reverse prayer chicken wing, I could barely move more than a few inches in my struggles! The vet wrap wound around my face pulled so fiercely my jaw was aching around the bandana stuffing filling my mouth. Suddenly he was back with more rope; his focus on me after all! I strain to see what he’s doing as he attaches further lengths to my restraints, I feel my knees being cinched together and my legs being lifted off the leather, my neck pressing into the padded top, creating another cause to concentrate on - my breathing! My dusty feet - from walking barefoot on the workshop floor - are next in his attentions. With a bamboo cane in hand he strikes at my soles, scrunching and flexing under each stinging swipe, my toes stretching away from each swat but really when it comes to bastinado I always want more! One final tap across my naked ass cheeks, the caning is over but my bondage torment is not… Another length of rope is added between my elbows and to the steel pipe construction above me; he hoists me up and has me completely suspended and vulnerable. Scratchy cords digging into my chest and ribcage as I hang in a flying hogtie. I watch the concrete appearing below as the comfort of the leather ottoman is pushed away, and realize I am to endure this painful predicament for a while. Always ready to give me something more to think on, he returns with a shiny pair of clover clamps, I whimper at just the sight of them gleaming, even before feeling the teeth bite into my nipples! The weight of a hammer is added, hanging from the chain joining the two clamps, pulling my small breasts into two perfectly pert points. I’m left swinging, hurting, waiting for what’s next…

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